Providing smiles through professional wrestling

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WrestleKind brings joy to the sick and disadvantaged through the shared love of wrestling!

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We invite special guests to attend wrestling events and enjoy a VIP experience


Our be-a-wrestler programme lets people experience coming out to a real wrestling ring!

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Meet the team

WrestleKind founder Jack Jester (Lee Greig) at Glasgow Children's Hospital

Lee Greig
Lee, also known as Jack Jester, is a legendary Scottish wrestler, having been ever present in the UK scene, having debuted in 2005. Besides performing, Lee also trains the next generation of Scottish wrestling talent and acts on television/stage. He was most recently in BBC comedy The Scotts.
Piper Niven (Kimberly Benson) at Glasgow Children's Hospital

Kimberly Benson
Kim, also known as Piper Niven, is one of Scotland's best known wrestling exports as she performs in front of millions of viewers for the largest wrestling company in the world, WWE. Kim was a stalwart of the Scottish scene prior to being scouted for WWE, having debuted in 2007.
James Stewart, WrestleKind founder

James Stewart
James may have no wrestling matches to his name, but he has worked for and set up charities in the past, including Get-Well Gamers, which is where he connected with Lee and Kim to form WrestleKind.